The trip kind of started on the wrong foot with our flight out of Philadelphia being delayed several hours and making our connection out of JFK almost impossible. So, we decided to drive to JFK and wait for our flight - it was the right decision.

Once we arrived in Reykjavik we immediately got the rental camper van and began our trek driving counter clockwise around Route 1. First driving through the well-known 'Golden Circle' and trying to squeeze in some time at The Blue Lagoon (we were told you need a reservation and the earliest they could have us in was 7pm that evening... not going to work for us). The first night we spent was in Vik, which is one of the most southern points along the country's coastline. The wind and rain was strong that night, making sleep a bit uncomfortable as I thought the camper van was going to be blown over. 

Day two started off very foggy and limited visibility, we were told that the southern portion of Iceland is more often rainy and windy. 

Even with all the fog and constant drizzle there was beauty all around us in the mountains and verdant green cliff sides. It was a relief to finally reach smoother ground once we began heading north along the eastern edge of the island. We even stopped at a public pool at Egilsstaðir, to shower and regain some semblance of hygiene. Our next major stop was Akureyri, which is known as their northern capitol, albeit small with a population of 17,000. Matt and I got to become very good at driving.

Driving on the northern side of Iceland was a breeze compared to our first couple days. We stopped more often to quickly take pictures, I even taught Matt a thing or two about pohotography. 

 myvatn nature baths

myvatn nature baths

We were making good time and decided to venture further than initially expected up into the West Fjords. There was an Arctic Fox reserve I just had to see. 

By the time we left the West Fjords Matt and I were ready to sleep on a bed again and we actually missed seeing the night sky. Here are some pictures we took on the trip.